A Ten Year Challenge - With the Best Offer of the Year

Everyone on social seems to be doing the ten year challenge again. Where we all dig through our Facebook and dig up a photo of us from ten years ago, cringe and post while humbly showing off our "glow up". 

So I am sharing with you a photo of me ten years ago. I am in the back of a limousine with a group of my friends, wearing a beautiful dress and I wish I could tell you that I was having the time of my life, that I was happy, but despite being in the best circumstances I wasn't. I was plagued with self doubt, I had just experienced my first true heartbreak and I felt incredibly self conscience in what was a beautiful dress. I was so unsure of my future, the next steps and wanted guidance but didn't know how to ask for it. At that time I couldn't even imagine the me that is in the picture on the right. 

The past decade has been a journey. There has been more self doubt, more heartbreak, tears, career changes, illness, dreams that never happened and a whole lot of the unknown. While all of these things have helped shape who I am today the bigger, more defining things that have made me who I am have been the community of friends and family I have grown with, the laughter at the absurdity of life, the beauty of the struggle as I reach for the big goals, the pursuit of my authentic best self and so many things that I could never have dreamt or imagined but I experienced. 

So after having shared this Ten Year Challenge I want you to think of the inevitable next Ten Year Challenge that will probably be on some new app or device that has yet to exist in a world that we can't totally predict. I want you to decide if you want to choose your next ten years or are you going to leave them up to chance, complacency and circumstance. 

I am a Clarity Coach, so I like to get clear, specific and take action. Why? Because I know that it works. I know that 90 Days in the Clarity Method will have anyone do more than they imagined and in some cases blow their own damn mind. I have had clients leave their 9-5s and start a thriving business, clients that tell me that they are now living their dream life, all my clients stop wishing and thinking and actually start doing. That's what comes from Clarity. 

With 2019 wrapping up I am sharing my best offer of the year. Before we go into the Holiday Season I want you to decide now what your 2020 will look like? Will it be the same-same or will it be different? Will it be better? Because I know that it can be. I know that you can reach your full potential and I want to help you get there. 

I am putting my programs on sale for one week only. From now until Cyber Monday (December 2nd) you can make the commitment to yourself, 2020 and your next decade. My 90 Day, 12 Week program is on sale for $1897 instead of $2497 with prices increasing to $2997 come January 2020. With start dates in January, February and March you can secure your spot for 10% down, $189.70 and pay the rest when we begin or on a payment plan. 

I have limited spaces available as many have already taken the leap, listened to their little voice and will be working with me, so if this is something you are interested in reach out to me now because these spaces will fill (simply email me at Chelsea@Chelsea-Montgomery.com).

Maybe this isn't the right time for you but you know someone who you think would benefit from working with me, forward this along or let them know about how they could work with me at the lowest price EVER, for almost half price of what it would be if they waited until 2020!

Extra Bonus, secure your sport with me now and between now and your start date get a one hour call with me each month until we begin (maximum of 4 calls- valued at $788) AND get my 28 Day Guided Journal for the Holiday Season, a $55 value. 

So to Recap:

  • Program is on sale from $2497 to $1897 with the price increasing to $2997 in January 2020

  • Secure your spot with 10% down ($189.70) Get a call a month until we begin (max value of $788)

  • Get my 28 Day Guided Journal for the Holiday so you can experience a more mindful, centred festive season  

I hope that your next ten year challenge leaves you in awe. Awe of yourself, your growth and all that you accomplished in ten years. I hope that we get to kick off your next decade together and with Clarity.  If you have any questions simply message me at Chelsea@Chelsea-Montgomery.com and I will gladly answer them for you.

All of my best and with love,


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